miercuri, decembrie 12, 2012

Finding the happiness in unpleasant things

You know the saying “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” ? Personally I prefer the version in the picture, but for now let's look at the original one. I believe that things are not always black or white, there are different shades of grey to be taken into consideration. And the previously mentioned saying shouldn't always be considered as a shield to protect people from failures, but also a real eye-opener when it comes to situations, encouraging them to squeeze the best out of everything.

On one hand, I know that a person’s nature compels him/her to do certain things only when pleasure, interest, excitement or benefits are in the picture. For instance, you like swimming so when a friend invites you to a pool-party you’ll most definitely accept this proposition. Easy thinking, right?

On the other hand, picture he would've asked you to go bowling, activity that you are not fond of. A person that does not even try to find the silver lining of a really dark cloud (in this case, situation), might lose some great opportunities. Maybe you would've passed on meeting the love of your life at that bowling party. Or your future business partner. Or just missed on some sheer fun.

Last but not least, the idea of unpleasant thing or thing you don’t feel like doing is extremely subjective. This categorization is dependent on timing, current state of mind and possibly also influenced by our previous experiences in life. One tends to look back and label an experience based on the past ones, often not taking into consideration the impact this current activity might have on his/her future - having a 5-year-plan can be quite overwhelming.

In the end,it all goes down to the shades of grey and the fact that we should educate ourselves into always looking on the bright side of things. Furthermore, I believe that life is complicated and unpleasant only if you make it that way. Sure, it may sound like a bunch of psychological things that couldn't possibly be applied in real life, but studies show that having (or at least working on having) a positive view on things will help one to faster achieve his/her goals.